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Friday Night Smackdown Recap, June 12, 2020 – AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan collide and one will be crowned the new Intercontinental Champion. Also Jeff Hardy and Sheamus meet face-to-face for a contract signing for their upcoming battle at BackLash. The Universal Champion Braun Strowman tags along Heavy Machinery to face off against Dolph Ziggler, Miz, and John Morrison.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus contract signing – This segment went on for about 15 minutes or so. They continue to up the antics with Sheamus constantly bashing Jeff Hardy and his troubling past with bringing up his drug and alcohol addicting. It’s really refreshing when they add actual reality factors that are some truth or have all truth to which builds up for a more relatable yet legit story. Hardy pledges that he’s continuing his battle because he wants to be a symbol for others battling what he does, he wants people to know they’re not alone. I’m invested in this feud, it’s something different and to some people they’re taking a gamble on considering it’s still a PG based entertainment show. 

 The New Day vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura – This match went pretty well and considering who’s in the match, we can’t really complain. But first I want to personally shoutout both Big E and Kofi Kingston for taking a knee and balling their fists as they show their support with what’s been going on this past month in our country. I know it meant a lot for them and I know it meant a lot to fans who support The New Day. The match was pretty good; surprisingly I didn’t expect Nakamura to get the victory, considering how he’s been booked ever since joining the main roster, but he executed a perfect reverse on Kingston and won with a modified roll up. Could this lead up to a possible Championship match? If so, let’s try our best to keep it OFF the kickoff show. 

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan – This should’ve been the main event of the show; the match practically took up a whole hour, but man it was worth it. Both Styles and Bryan trading blows, repeating the same moves to each other, countless 2-counts. This match had it all. They gave all of us that chain wrestling, with impressive counters from both superstars. This match was very enjoyable to watch as both Styles and Bryan were targeting each other by going after certain body parts. As a pure wrestling fan, you can’t complain or say much that went wrong with this match. I mean it was almost as if to the point where you really couldn’t pinpoint who had the edge or who was actually going to win for that matter. AJ eventually hit Bryan with a Styles Clash and then followed up with a Phenomenal Forearm to claim his first-ever Intercontinental Championship. I’m hoping to see him elevate the title and have a decent run with it as well. Also we should pay attention to who he actually loses it too, cause that in itself will say a lot if WWE is going back to their roots with using that title as a symbol to show who’s the next big star. 

Braun Strowman and Heavy Machinery take on Ziggler, Miz & Morrison – This match was just fun. I was still fixated on the IC Title match that just took place; but all in all it was a very entertaining match. From Ziggler getting pummeled, to seeing the Strowman Express clear each opponent on the outside of the ring, then seeing Otis’s signature ‘Caterpillar’, this match definitely felt the mood it presented, considering the Universal Title match that is set for BackLash. 

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Recap: Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles vs. Elias in a tournament to crown the new Intercontinental Champion, Sonya Deville takes on Lacey Evans, what’s next for both Braun Strowman and Money in the Bank winner Otis, and more…

ELIAS HIT BY A CAR?! JEFF BEHIND THE WHEEL? – Smackdown airs with Elias apparently being hit by a car that’s apparently rented by Jeff Hardy as then Jeff Hardy appears to be wounded or to the cops on the scene he’s “intoxicated” and smells like alcohol, seems like WWE finally went into their bag of “reality era” and are using real-life issues of Hardy into their storyline. That is something I can get behind as it draws us to Hardy as into either feel for his comeback run even more, or there can be a mix of judgement, either or people are talking about Jeff Hardy. Very interesting way to start off the show. Dammit, I was hoping to see him square off against Daniel Bryan. Man, I hope he somehow makes his way back to the ring and ends up competing. 

WHO’S FIGHTING WHO?! – This entire segment is great; each superstar being able to talk, everyone sighing when Ziggler starting to say “just how damn good” he is, Jey Uso finally getting a solo run, and AJ Styles really selling us that Styles vs Bryan finale by letting out that “you really are stupid” to Daniel Bryan. I don’t know about you guys, but the segment was good enough to transition into a match and on top of it, it gave me a couple of laughs. 

10-MAN Battle Royal: Winner faces Daniel Bryan in the semifinals in order to move on to fight AJ Styles in the Finals – King Corbin definitely is one of the best heels WWE has right now, and they don’t really have many, to say the least. Basically, if he makes you hate him, let alone can’t stand the sight of his face, just know he’s doing his job. He eliminates three people while after eliminating Ziggler from a short-lived alliance, he’s super-kicked over the top rope by Jey Uso, eliminating Corbin. Sheamus and Cesaro gave us some nostalgia with that “Bar Bump”. The final 2 was Sheamus and Jey Uso. If there’s one thing you gotta love about Jey is the intensity he has in the ring and how much he’s involved within the match. Both are battling on the apron against one another. Sheamus ends up Brogue Kicking Uso to win the battle royal and go onto face Daniel Bryan later on in the evening. Match Rating: B+

Sonya Deville vs. Lacey Evans – The storytelling within this match is pure GOLD. Starting the match with an actual wrestling tussle, then they go a little back and forth with the chain wrestling, then they start going blow for blow. The match gets carried away but as they both get counted out, but not before they both throw each other into a table. Seems as if WWE is starting up a feud, cause if so I wouldn’t mind who wins cause either one needs the build-up. BUT, if I have to choose, I’m going to have to go with Sonya. I think she has the look. Match Rating: B (only cause of the count-out finish and short match). 

WWE Women’s & Smackdown’s Men’s Tag Team Champions on Moment of Bliss

The New Day = Entertaining, Entertaining, and PURE COMEDY. I mean only Big E is going to give Alexa Bliss out of anyone coffee beans from “Ja Booty”, I mean come on. Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupt the set and I for one was not expecting this at all. New Day laughing and having background commentary actually makes you want to laugh with them. I wouldn’t mind Alexa Bliss having a Women’s Championship run again, preferably against Bayley. A match was announced during the back and forth heat. 

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – First off Sasha told Bayley to go to the back and get shoes and she comes back and Sasha is wrestling in Jordan 11’s, nice touch. This match has everything, a good back and forth with a good enough amount of commentary from Bayley and Alexa Bliss’s teammate Nikki Cross. Sasha Banks beats Alexa Bliss with the interference of Bayley from ringside. Match Rating: B

Cesaro vs. Chad Gable – To me, and probably to a lot of fans that’s been around for Cesaro’s run in WWE, believes he should’ve held the WWE Title at least once. Sure he’s held the Tag Titles plenty of times and has been U.S Champion but that was under Antonio Cesaro (it’s weird how Vince doesn’t like full names, I enjoy the whole ring to the first and last name combos but whatever tit for tat). Cesaro displays his usual strength and sheer power but somehow Chad… Shorty G sorry, forgot how terrible that name really is pulled off some sort of a reversal that turned a powerbomb into a  Sunslip flip into a pin that gave him the victory. Match Rating:



The back and forth blows from Bryan and Sheamus is really good. Daniel had a combo in the corner with two jabs to the chest, a couple of kicks to the chest and then several uppercuts and then Sheamus clotheslines him, very good back and forth. I love how Sheamus sells for Daniel when he clotheslines him back. The Suicide Dive into the commercial was so “vintage Daniel Bryan”, had to give Michael Cole a shoutout there. Sheamus has always been one of those wrestlers who’s had a very subtle, yet very successful career in WWE. A multiple-time WWE Champion, multi-time Tag Team Champion, and United States Champion, yet has never been an Intercontinental Champion. Nonetheless having this as the main event isn’t bad of a replacement at all. I for one just loves the way Daniel Bryan wrestles. The way he breaks down the reversals or shows exactly what part of the body he targets, displays the storytelling within the ring. Jeff Hardy returns to the arena and distracts Sheamus as Daniel hits the running knee to pick up the victory as Hardy quickly starts to attack Sheamus. Looks like this feud between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy is only beginning.