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Out Of Focus 3 – Kris Cartel

Its finally here! Kris Cartel returns with his long awaited addition to the Out of Focus series with “Out Of Focus 3!” With a new style and delivery mixed with a more melodic vibe and approach fans of the previous projects will definitely enjoy this one! Click the link above to listen and vote below!


Bad Habit – A.R. Yum

State lands own AR Yum has been putting on for his city for the longest time with 1 foot in producing and the other in creating great music! With his new singles “All The Time” & “Heartbeat”featuring King Heavy doing numbers he drops Bat Habit shot by once again the great Ezru Gonzales! VOTE BELOW!

T.S.O.K – Jay Treesh

New Brightons own “Jay Treesh”is making alot of noise and making staten island look good! With the visuals for T.S.O.K shot by the one and only Ezru Gonzales and support from the legendary Meezy Greazy and Sci Fi Lyfes/The Hangovers Joe Parker he is sure to shed light on the island!