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Seth Rollins vs. Aleister Black – I personally enjoyed this match because this match can be a future main event, but also this can turn into a really good interesting feud. Will they allow Aleister to fully indulge into his gimmick to counter Rollins Messiah. This is just the very beginning as Seth Rollins stomped out both Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black as Aleister won the match with a roll up. Match Rating – A, I want to see more from them two in the ring so we can only wait and see. 

VERY SMALL SIDE NOTE: I actually really enjoy Samoa Joe on commentary. He gives us that actual wrestler insight on the match, the only problem is, I really wish we can have one more in-ring return because I truly want a title run with Joe, it’s a long shot, but nonetheless, Joe is someone I thought had the total package: excellent mic skills, speed and agility with that sheer power, and there’s nothing more scarier when Joe puts you in that Coquina Clutch. 

PROMO BUILD UP FOR THE WWE TITLE: I’m very excited for this. They’re making this match out to be against two monsters. I love how they’ve built Drew with the title, so I’m hoping they make this match the main event of Backlash and on top of it, hoping that Bobby Lashley, at some point gets his WWE Title reign that he deserves. 

Apollo Crews U.S Title Open Challenge: Apollo Crews vs. Kevin Owens – Kevin Owens can seemingly be that babyface WWE thought they had in Seth Rollins. It seems even before Wrestlemania and we were not allowed to attend shows, the crowds were very behind a face run for Owens. I love the “sign of respect” aspect of this match because it is two face wrestlers fighting to be better. Kevin Owens, for his “body physique” doesn’t look the type, but man oh man how fast Owens is. The senton outside the ring, the senton off the top rope, the dropkick to counter Crews dropkick. I’d say Kevin Owens literally has everything you can ask for when it comes to a wrestler. The match was changed to a tag team match during the commercial break which ensued with Angel Garza and Andrade vs. Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens. No actual finish to the championship and then it being turned into a tag team match really wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think it should’ve been changed. The whole good thing about this tag team match is that Apollo looked strong and they booked him to beat Andrade again, very important we pay attention to that close detail.  Championship Match Rating – A-, it could’ve been an A+ if they never changed the entire match in itself. 

The Street Profits vs The Viking Raiders… in a BOWLING GAME?! – 

I really don’t like these segments and they’ve been going on for the longest now. Are they a bit funny? Yeah a bit. But is it entertaining enough for an audience to sit through to get through the show? I’m not sure at all, in fact this right here might be a reason why the audience changes the channel. This could be one of those moments where the viewer might just be like “What is going on?” “What is the point of this?” Like I said I’m not into this at all, I’d rather see them in a 3 Stages of Hell for the Tag Titles. I think segments like these really devalue the Tag Team titles and on top of it, makes people not want to even care for the Tag Division. Segment Rating –

Nikki Cross vs. Billie Kay – It wasn’t that good of a match; given the vast height difference, it was easy for Billie Kay to give her the big boot. The match was most likely the shortest of the night, and honestly I’m okay with that. Match Rating – C 

Rey Mysterio IS HE OR IS HE NOT RETIRING?! – Rey Mysterio is uncertain on his future in the ring. He had a conversation with Samoa Joe and we might not have seen the last of The Greatest Luchador in WWE yet. So stay tuned 

CHAMPION VS CHAMPION: Asuka and Charlotte have had their fair share of battles within the ring. With Charlotte defeating Asuka at Wrestlemania, I believe that left a sour taste in a lot of fan’s mouths. The match was very good; with Charlotte taking control within the first part of the match, then Asuka showing her sheer tenacity by showing her diverse move-set. The match was unfortunately interfered with by Nia Jax. Match Rating – A+, this was the best match of the night, the back and forth was something we all love to see, unfortunately the ending results isn’t what we wanted. 

WWE CHAMPION Drew McIntyre vs. MVP The match just showed how really dominant Drew is. The match took an odd turn when Lana came to ringside, distracting Lashley and in hindsight, giving Drew a bit of a smirk. The match ended quickly with Drew taking MVP to Claymore Country for the win. Match Rating – B-, the match was very short considering the Champion vs Champion match beforehand.