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Joker (Final Trailer)

Warner Bros/DC released the final trailer for upcoming origin story of one of the most iconic characters/villain in the history of comic books, Joker.  The film stars Joaquin Phoenix and is directed by Todd Phillips.  It is an interesting take on the man that will go on to become Batman’s greatest enemy and will not be taking your typical superhero movie route. The film was confirmed to be rated R so it will most certainly appeal to those that want more adult oriented comic book movies. Will it be fire or will it be trash?


Yeezy 500 High Top First Look

Heres a first look at the Yeezy 500 High Top. Kanye West has kept his promise and has been releasing more Yeezys! But with news of the v3s he releases the first look of this High Top Version of the 500s what do your think .. Cop or Not?

Out Of Focus 3 – Kris Cartel

Its finally here! Kris Cartel returns with his long awaited addition to the Out of Focus series with “Out Of Focus 3!” With a new style and delivery mixed with a more melodic vibe and approach fans of the previous projects will definitely enjoy this one! Click the link above to listen and vote below!


iBattle TV : Eddy I vs. Red Flag

Eddy I. Is finally back! And what a way to return against the talented and always fire Red Flag! Hosted by bro of the show cortez! Salute to iBattle tv for this crazy battle vote below for who you think won!

Jay-Z strikes deal with Nfl!

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation struck a deal with the NFL to lead the leagues endeavors into music and entertainment. Roc nation will help the NFL select artist for marquee events, including the Super Bowl. In addition Jay-Z is also expected to assist the NFL in dealing with social justice issues, which is quite odd since Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned and basically blackballed from the NFL. Is the a case of the NFL trying to save there own ass or are they finally smartening up? It’s a little bit of both honestly, see the NFL has no idea who it wants to be, but also knows that cannot continue down the current path and change is necessary. Jay-Z addressed the Kap situation during an invite only meeting to talk about the deal:

“We forget that Colin’s whole thing was to bring attention to social injustice. In that case, this is a success. This is the next phase,” the entertainment magnate said. “There [are] two parts of protesting. You go outside and you protest, and then the company or the individual says, ‘I hear you. What do we do next?’

Only time will tell whether this deal will truly benefit the NFL and help them reach new heights.