VIP Lounge with Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre – I really don’t care what a lot of you would have to say but they’re going to put on one helluva match. Drew is a great babyface; his Scottish accent just adds more when he says “Look at me dammit!”. He’s out for blood and I love how intense he is during promos, it makes you believe that Drew has real intentions on hurting Dolph. Ziggler is a great performer so we know he’ll give us a great match, it just sucks that no one actually believes Ziggler could win, which just shows his credibility with winning is just non-existent at this point. Segment – A-

The Viking Raiders vs Angel Garza & Andrade in a Elimination Tag Team Match: This match was very fun to watch, definitely had me thinking the match was over at least a couple of times. That spinning kick had Garza done for, but Andrade saved him 3 times throughout this entire match. Garza ended up powerbombing Ivar to pick up the win. It was actually fast paced and The Viking Raiders are very agile for their body type which is great though. Match Rating – B

Ruby Riott & Bianca Belair vs. The IIconics – I was so happy to see Bianca on my TV screen, it was great, I’m glad Ruby was able to pick up a win, even if it wasn’t in a solo’s competition. Her losing to both members of the IIconics made me feel as if they were tryna make a joke out of her. Bianca picked up the win after dodging Kay’s finisher and being able to connect with the Kiss of Death.

Shayna Baszler THE QUEEN OF SPADES HAS RETURNED – This made my night because I’ve continuously asked and begged for Baszler to make an appearance and I’m very glad she did. Her promo was very chilling and I’m excited that she put the women’s division on notice. I would like to see her just come in and kill opponents within 10 minutes and basically dismantle her opponents. I’m hoping this leads to a Shayna v. Asuka bout at Summerslam with the hopes of the Queen of Spades taking home the gold which she should’ve rightfully done at Wrestlemania.

Aleister Black vs Murphy which incites Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins – Honestly I could watch these guys fight all the time it wouldn’t even matter, I’d be happy to see him go at it time and time again. Very fast paced and brutal contests. But, but, I must say I do want Owens to move on from this as well as Black. Granted it most likely will after The Horror Show at Extreme Rules (can’t believe I said Horror Show) but all in all its good to see Rey have that much respect within the company and whether he wins or loses or he resigns or decides to leave, he’ll always be loved by the WWE Universe. Match Ratings – B+ for both

Orton vs. R-Truth – DING DING, 3 punches and an attempted scissor’s kick by R-Truth and boom RKO; 1, 2, 3. This match was built perfectly as I thought the comedy was going to continue after that segment he had with Cedric Alexander and Ricochet. This entire build for Randy Orton is indeed perfect as he is back to his sinister ways and being able to sucker in people with threatening to kick the head off of legends. Match Rating – B+

Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley – Okay, enough, enough. Stop destroying Ricochet like this. The tag team of him and Alexander would’ve benefited the tag division but nope, instead we see them both get destroyed week after week by Bobby Lashley, don’t get me wrong, I love Lashley, but I rather him keep his eyes focused on some type of gold. It’s possible a repackage of Ricochet may work, but at the same time, I just want the fans to take him seriously as much as I do. Match Rating – B-

Women’s Tag Team Championship match Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. The Kabuki Warriors – This match was so f***ing amazing. I swore Kairi Sane had it won with that insane elbow drop, I bet Macho would be proud of that one. The match was so back and forth you really didn’t want to miss it. The leg kicks Asuka was viciously connecting on Sasha, Bayley pathetically saving the match repeatedly. Sasha came up with the victory as it almost seemed as if Kairi Sane had it all figured out and was riding on momentum. I would’ve wanted them to actually take the win, but Sasha & Bayley have been on a roll and I’m not mad at it playa. Match Results – A+