Damian Priest vs. Cameron Grimes: Monty’s Take – This match could’ve happened with Grimes not attacking him and Priest winning the match. Damian Priest has come off of great momentum in a great match with Finn Bálor, and even though he lost, he’s been getting much praise, finally. He’s only won one match since that PPV although has been pushed as a possible dominant babyface. Let’s hope Hunter sees what I see. Match Rating – B-

Santos Escobar vs. Jake Atlas: Monty’s Take – I think match wise, Atlas has good in-ring work, he can definitely put a couple of moves together and has some springboard moves as well that can get the crowd jumping if and when they get a crowd knowing our current situation. Santos Escobar really has a nice little trio going, much like Seth Rollins on Raw. He ultimately picks up the win. Match Rating – B 

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro: Monty’s Take – The match itself felt as if you can tell what was going to happen but nonetheless I think it still showcased both tag teams. Kacy and Kayden are a good tag team so we hope to see them in a Tag Team title match. While Dakota Kai is working her heel run very well in my opinion as Raquel is her backup sort of speak, but the only problem is we all know how these tag teams end up breaking apart, we just don’t know when. Match Rating: B-. 

Bronson Reed vs. Karrion Kross: Monty’s Take – This match would’ve stolen the spotlight of the whole show if they were given a longer match to work with. I believe this match served its purpose very well. WWE and I’m sure Reed will come to a time where he will get his push, but the way he put over Kross was very good in this match and just Kross’s character in this match is just pure monstrous. Repeatedly after being hit with a german suplex he would get up and just scream, or get clotheslined and get right back up. He eventually got Reed into his Kross Submission after an exploder suplex which was quite impressive. Match Rating – B

Dexter Lumis vs. Roderick Strong: Monty’s Take – This match served its purpose very well because well for one they didn’t even really fight and Strong got counted out. Not only does this further develop Lumis’s character but for the viewers to believe in how creepy and yet interesting of a character Dexter Lumis really is. He not only has the creepy stare but his physique makes you feel even that more uncomfortable because what if someone like that is ticked off in a way, I personally wouldn’t want to be in the ring with that, which I love how they really sell Strong being afraid to fight Lumis, so when they actually do square off, it’s going to be fantastic, mark my words, FANTASTIC. Match Results – A+

WWE NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match: Keith Lee vs. Johnny Strong vs. Finn Bálor: Winner Faces Adam Cole in a Champion vs. Champion Match: Monty’s Take – What a main event. This match had everything; Keith Lee dominating, Finn and Gargano both hitting Lee with moves simultaneously to get him down. Then Gargano and Finn both going at it inside the ring. The match itself had a great back and forth, “Not a commercial” type of feeling. Lee eventually came back into the mix and had Gargano on the ropes when Bálor hit the coup de grace on Gargano, which was meant for Lee but he dodged it and hit Bálor with a side rolling slam to retain his NXT North American Title. Match Rating – A+