Raw started off with a segment between Kevin Owens and Asuka enticing the upcoming Triple-Threat Match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Natalya’s presence within this match is very questionable given the fact that she lost the previous two weeks to Shayna Baszler, whom seemed more deserving for the spot. I personally think when I say we see too much for Charlotte I’m speaking for a lot of people. It’s getting quite repetitive to the point that each women’s segment involves Charlotte, especially last week where she actually appeared on each brand. It’s almost as if they’re relying on her throughout each brand instead of focusing on several other potential female superstars that have the talent to actually build matchups against Charlotte. For example; the Triple Threat Match, in my opinion should’ve been between Shayna Baszler, Liv Morgan, and Bianca Belair. Not only does it show the viewer new faces, you allow each individual to showcase what they have to offer within a match that can be pretty lengthy to show each individual’s skills. I think it could’ve been a match that nonetheless more people would’ve actually sat down and watched. Instead we get Nia Jax getting powerbombed twice, not to mention through tables, and still somehow winning. If there’s anything that can be described as entertaining, it’s definitely Asuka. Asuka, ever since Wrestlemania 36, has brought the amount of energy that we’d expect from a live audience, instead she amplifies her intensity and we clearly see she’s in full character when dancing around basically half the time during promos. 

Apollo Crews vs. Andrade for the WWE United States Championship

The match was up to speed considering the agility both Apollo and Andrade possess. Apollo has always been able to show his strength within the ring and he once again put that on display as he did a Military Press and stand up backflip senton that ended up netting Crews his first WWE Championship since joining the company. Andrade had control throughout the entire match, and the entire feel of the match made it seem like Andrade didn’t want to lose the title whatsoever even grabbing the title and yelling “This is Mine” mid match which shows the admiration for having the title. Giving Apollo Crews the win means that we can possibly see a feud with Andrade where either superstar can come out with the championship. Personally I’m very surprised to See Crews with the title victory, yet I’m extremely happy to see a new title holder and Apollo couldn’t be a better choice. I only wonder if someone would be following suit (Shayna Baszler). 

The Women’s Tag Team Championship

The promo from Nikki Cross felt very authentic in the sense that she talks about her struggle and road to the championship. The segment ended as the Iconics attacked both Cross an Bliss. The Iconics haven’t held the Gold since they won it back at the Championship’s debut at Wrestlemania. 

Intriguing as it is, it seems that we’re only getting started with this feud with Bobby Lashley and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew was a guest on MVP’s VIP Lounge, and it ended up the same way it ended the last time; Claymore Kick. It wouldn’t hurt at all if this feud lasted two PPV’s as Bobby Lashley is more than capable of seem fitting to challenge a man of McIntyre’s stature. Most fans that have been around since Lashley’s first run with the company would love to see the WWE Championship on Lashley but those same fans and then some are still attatched to Drew and more than deserving a lengthy title reign. Which in my discretion wouldn’t mind this feud going to two PPVs. 

Monday Night Messiah vs Aleister Black at Backlash??? 

This faction might be able to bring us a lot of matchups we haven’t seen. It seems we’re getting a Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins at BackLash. With the adition of Ausin Theory, the Monday Night Messiah looks to be growing in numbers and at the same time, really diving into is new character. The attempt to take out Humberto’s eye just like Mystrio was classic heel tactics. I’m hoping this matchup entices a feud between Black and Rollins.